In the past 80 years of coupling manufacturing, Rexnord has seen and solved virtually every problem a coupling application can present. Today’s buyer gets the benefits of that experience in a broad line of couplings – manufactured for the quality, reliability and easy maintenance you have come to expect.
Brand : Rexnord, Thomas, Addax, Omega
Manufacturer : Rexnord Industries, LLC
Country of Origin : USA / Germany
Product Range :

  • Disc Coupling
  • Floating Shaft Coupling
  • Composite Coupling
  • Cooling Tower Coupling
  • Torque Limiter


Thomas coupling is non-lubricated, metal flexing coupling, utilizing non-wearing parts for the transmission of torque and the accommodation of unavoidable shaft misalignment. The Thomas disc coupling is manufactured within a certified ISO 9001 quality system and is unsurpassed in its reputation for quality, reliability and easy maintenance features.


Addax pioneered and introduced the first advanced composite couplings to the cooling tower industry in 1987. Floating shaft couplings are use to connect units which are relatively far apart. Such arrangements are particularly suited to transmit power into areas  where moisture, dust or corrosive conditions would adversely affect the driving machinery. Typical applications include cooling tower fan drives, paper machinery, printing presses, pumps and compressors.


OMEGA Elastomeric Coupling
Rexnord has revolutionized the elastomer coupling industry with the Omega split-in-half  flexible polyurethane coupling design. Consisting of only four components, two hubs and two half elements, the Omega coupling is designed for easy maintenance. The flex element can easily be replaced without disturbing the hubs or moving and realigning connected equipment. The polyurethane-to-metal flex element bond design and radial bolting makes assembly and disassembly very quick and efficient.


The Falk CTA Series gear drives are designed to directly replace Amarillo® gearboxes for cooling tower and vertical drive applications.

AUTOGARD Torque Limiters

For more than 80 years, Autogard Torque Limiters have led the industry in overload protection, providing proven reliability, dependable expertise and a broad range of options. 

Ideal for nearly every application from light-duty to heavy-duty and specially engineered environments, our torque limiters offer bi-directional protection and lower total cost of ownership, 

increased accuracy of torque limitation and longer life at high speeds. Our products cover a full range of torque requirements.