The European directive on energy-related products (the ErP or Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC) sets out mandatory minimum standards for energy efficiency in cooling fans rated between 125W and 500kW. 

All Howden cooling fans already meet or exceed both sets of minimum efficiency targets, in term of the overall static efficiency, including the motor and transmission efficiency, of our product ranges at their optimal efficiency points compared with the current target and the higher level. ErP efficiency data included in the technical documentation of every fan Howden supply.


The D-series has been developed and proven to be the best combination of performance, reliability and price for operation in air-cooled condensers and cooling towers.


The E-series is the choice for heavy duty situations in vertical or horizontal mounting configurations for a wide range of applications.


The SX-series is the preferred solution for applications with stringent noise requirements and capable of reducing noise by up to 20 dB(A) compared with standard cooling fans.


The FPX-series uses fixed-pitch blades, manufactured as a single impeller unit that offers very easy assembly and minimal maintenance, combined with ultra-low noise design.